Friday, November 12, 2010


5650 Balboa Ave, San Diego, CA 92111, (858) 571-1550

Every once in awhile, I find myself in the Clairemont area of San Diego. On one particular evening I was a bit on the hungry side and stopped by a pizza joint by the name of Voltero’s. What attracted me to Voltero’s, was a $4.95 Slice of Pizza, with a Salad and Fountain drink deal. From looking at the outside and then going inside, it really didn’t look like anything special. I ordered that deal, and added a couple of toppings (Pepperoni and Onions) for .50 cents apiece and skipped the salad. I don’t like salads, and I love onions on my pizza. Minus the salad, the total came to 5.05 plus tax. The cashier handed me my cup and I filled it up with Orange Fanta. I then sat down and waited for my slice of pizza. When I really thought about it, that amount seemed a little steep for a slice of pizza and a drink.

“Number 15, your order is up” said the man behind the counter. I then went over to the counter to pick of my order, and was struck by how huge the slice of pizza was. It was freakin gigantic! It was easily 12 inches long. It mocked the flimsy paper plate it was on with its size.

“How the hell am I going to eat this thing?” I thought. I looked over, and saw some plastic forks and knives. I grabbed a set, took my slice of pizza, and sat down. Like I always do, I shook some red peppers and parmesan cheese over it. However, I normally don’t eat pizza with a fork and knife, but I had to with this one. I was thinking that I had to just start if off with a fork and knife then eat the rest with my hands, but before I cut into it, I had second thoughts. Why not just try to eat the whole thing with my hands? If I fail, I'll just switch to the fork and knife. So I attempted it, and considering the size of the slice, I was surprisingly successful at it.

The Pizza was freaking delicious. The crust was perfect, and the sauce, cheese, pepperoni and onions complemented each other well. It was a little greasy, but then every good pizza has to have a little grease.

After devouring this slice, two thoughts came into my head. One was, even if I did like salad, there was no way my stomach would have been able to take it all in and have room for a salad. I would have been bloated big time. Second, 5 bucks was really not a bad price at all for this slice of this pizza, two toppings and a drink. It was pretty much the size of a small pizza at a regular pizza joint.

If you are ever in the Clairemont area of San Diego near Target and Home Depot, and you are a little hungry for some pizza. Stop by Voltero’s. They’ll take care of you. On a side note, I saw some guy order a Philly Cheese steak from them. It was huge and looked really good.

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