Monday, June 6, 2011

Greek Style Chicken - Serves A Mighty Fine Burger

955 E Main St., El Cajon, CA 92021

On my lazy quest for a good burger in San Diego, my wife mentioned a place in El Cajon that seemed to match the main characteristic of the great burger places of The San Gabriel Valley such as Alpha Omega, Michael's Superburger, P & G and Tops. These places all have a Greek influence to them. The place my wife mentioned is called Greek Style Chicken. So on a day where we happened to be in El Cajon, we decided to stop by Greek Style Chicken.

Upon arrival, I was skeptical due to the fact that the word “Chicken” is in their name. Also I didn’t want to keep my hopes up, because most of the smaller burger joints in San Diego have really disappointed me. When I looked at the menu, something popped right out. It wasn’t the burger. It was the picture of their “Pastrami Burger” on the menu. It looked just like one of those awesome pastrami sandwiches that I would enjoy at The Hat, Michael's Superburger, P & G and Alpha Omega. I really wanted to order it, but I opted not to, because I was here to try a burger not a pastrami sandwich. I would have to come in another time to try it.

My wife and I ordered two cheeseburgers some fries and two drinks. The drinks came in these disposable cups that had Greek markings and a drawing of The Parthenon on it, which again reminded me of home, the cup that is not the Parthenon.

When we got the burgers, they looked about right to me. I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into one. Once I did, I thought of Alpha Omega. It’s very close to that taste. It’s a solid burger. I was in burger heaven. This place has it. If you are from the San Gabriel Valley area, and miss those burgers, I highly recommend going to Greek Style Chicken. Their burgers are not the ridiculously dressed up gourmet types of burgers that have lost all touch with what a burger is supposed to be. Their burgers are basic, solid and delicious.

Go there and enjoy!

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